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The Gaiians are people of mystery and legend, children of the African Queen of the sea, lost to history and time. Their story begins when they are found…

Daughter Of The Missing
Book 1 of the Gaiian Novel
Daughter of the Missing Cover

Astronaut Sarai Mathews knows the end is near when a giant wave rolls in and pulls her from the beach weeks before her space launch.  But something strange happens: she doesn’t die. Instead, she grows gills and breathes underwater.  While in the depths, she meets a man named Jon Luc. According to him, they’re both children of Yemalla, an ancient African queen of the sea. They are half human, half Earth spirit and she is a descendant from their missing children who were lost in slavery. Now, with Jon Luc’s help, she must solve the mystery of her heritage because someone is after her and they are determined to stop her from reaching orbit!

Phylis Wheatley nomination
Book 2 in the Gaiian Series
Fire In Ice Cover

What happens when you take one wayward dragon, a woman who burns everything she holds, a man that turns anything he touches into ice and toss them into Rio De Janeiro during Carnival? 

            ...A lot, and it all involves FIRE IN ICE


Dr. Martel Da Mar is the leading scientist in glacial hydrology. He also has a problem. He cannot touch people without turning them to ice. Don’t ask why, it’s a long story. Since he is Gaiian and has a three hundred years lifespan, he knows his will be a long and lonely existence. He has accepted his fate in life and throws all of his energies into his work studying an unknown heat source that has melted a glacial lake leaving a few blocks of ice in the center. His test shows the glacial melt can’t be dismissed as global warming. He soon discovers there is something in one of the remaining blocks of ice that radiates an unusual type of heat signature. This something is an angel of fire. She is trapped and needs his help but releasing her could place the whole world in jeopardy.

Princess Ribi wakes from a cold lonely confinement to find life, as she knows it, has irrevocably changed. First of all, she is trapped in a block of ice. Second of all a brooding dragon is literally attached to her by the hip. Third, the man she’s met in her dreams is on the outside and cannot release her. And finally, some damn fool goes and steals the block of ice with her in it. This sort of thing can piss a girl off, especially one who has a dragon on her side.

It’s time to burn and sizzle!


2018 Emma Award 

Best Paranormal/science Fiction Romance

Emma Award
Servant of the Stone
Book 3 in the Gaiian Series
Servant of the Stone Cover

She’s middle-aged, working through her bucket list, short on time, and will have none of what he’s dishing out.

He’s grumpy, not interested, and wants her off his mountain.

Anything can happen when two highly opinionated people and an ancient curse are involved…


Dr. Musa Jiwé is the Chief Medical Officer for the Gaiians, his official title, is Servant of the Stone. Along with the title comes a cave full of stones and the weight of all the healing gems grafted to his bones. This renders him unable to feel even the simplest touch. Kinda puts a crimp on his love life. Until the night he dreams the death of a complete stranger who is en route to visit his remote village on Mount Kilimanjaro. His move to intercept and turn her party around is thwarted by Kilimanjaro herself and he is swept away by her beauty and the deadly secret she carries.


Dr. Ranae Mills is given six months to live. Queue in the bucket list. First up, visit the slope of Kilimanjaro with one catch. Return the stones her grandmother pressed into her hand before she left on the trip. Returning the stones will cure her and lift the family curse that threatens her life. Simple. Nothing is ever simple in her life, especially when she is literally swept away along with the brooding man who can talk to a mountain and cure illnesses with a swipe of his hand. Maybe there is some truth to her grandmother’s belief or maybe the man with the healing hands holds the key to a new life.

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