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The Stolen Ones series is a re-telling of the Daughter of the Missing novels for young adult and new adult readers.

Phoenix Rising Cover
Phoenix Rising

What would you do if you were swept out to sea…

without a boat?


Astronaut Sarai Mathews finds out the hard way when she is swept into the ocean and miraculously survives because she’s able to breath underwater. There is one problem, she is deathly afraid of water. While in the depths, she meets a handsome man named Jon Luc. According to him, they’re both Gaiians, a race of beings who are equal parts human and earth spirit, children of the African Goddess of the sea, Yemalla. They were stolen from their village and sold as slaves a long time ago. Could any of this be true? Is he real and not just someone she dreamt up during her chaotic moments in the water?


Jon Luc leads a group of Gaiian warriors charged with the duty to find and return Yemalla’s stolen children. He has never encountered a descendant of the Stolen Ones like Sarai; she has no knowledge of her ancestry or her ability to breath in water. He must teach her how they harness the power of the Earth elements while protecting her from their enemies because someone else has found Sarai too. They want to steal her birth right, the phoenix, a mythical creature that only she can capture and control. 


Jon Luc will protect Sarai at all costs, but first he has to convince her of her heritage. With enemies on their trail, the pair must work together to harness Sarai’s newfound abilities for she may attract the phoenix during her next space mission—and if she can’t harness its fiery power, it might destroy them all.

E-Book only Format

Dragon Cover
Dragon Fall

Comming soon!

Healing Stone Cover
Healing Stone

Comming soon!

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