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Romantic Comedy Series
Everyone loves a good romcom with a little bit of adventure and a pinch of suspense thrown in for good measure.
Mama's Travel Agency Novels
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Mama’s Travel Agency is a series full of romance and adventure. Based in Washington DC, Mama J, the travel agency’s proprietor will send her unsuspecting couples on romantic trips to exotic locales. These contemporary romantic comedies are penned for the reader who wants something sassy, funny, and full of unexpected twist. Check out Mama’s Travel Agency, call her if ya just gotta go!

Mama's travel agency logo
Spice Island
Book 1 -Mamas Travel Agency Novels 
Spice Island Cover

When Dr. Angela Jones agrees to take a vacation to Tanzania, she never expected to be kidnapped. Even more surprising, she’s ransomed by a handsome Sultan. When she tries to escape, she lands in the middle of an intrigued laden plot to destroy him. Before long, she is running for her life through a jungle, swinging through trees, and flying in a vintage aircraft. But the Sultan has a secret deep in the heart of Spice Island that she must unravel before its too late.


Amir Bin Abdul Bin Sultanis a spice merchant by day, smuggler and thief by night. Reluctantly, he agrees to an arrange marriage with the daughter of a powerful East African Chief. When his bride is kidnaped a few days before the wedding, he is honor bound to pay the ransom. But, after ransoming the wrong woman, he ends up on the run through the jungles of his spice plantation. Most men’s secrets can destroy lives, but Amir’s can kill. Now he’s racing to get Angela off Spice Island, no easy task when he may be falling in love with her.


2019 Emma Award 

Best Contemporary Romance

Queisha's Cove
Book 2 -Mamas Travel Agency Novels 
Queisha's Cove Cover

Queisha Jones quit her job as a courier for a spy organization that’s quietly operated out of Mama’s Travel Agency. She’s drawn back into the fold when they need her to retrieve secret documents leading to the whereabouts of her missing brother. The request seemed simple enough until she was informed that she needed to travel with a bodyguard. He turned out to be the new guy at work, a seemingly un-appealing man who always smelled like bubble gum and sweat. She was dead set against him following her but there was no time to make a change. 


Carl Cove, assassin, and thief, has a disguise for every occasion. No one is allowed to know his true identity. Then he’s assigned to protect Queisha. His orders: follow her, collect the information she finds and use it to root out a mole in the organization. As planned, every time she sees him, he is in one of his disguises. After their first brief encounter, all his training flies out the window and he wants to know more about Queisha Jones. He changes the rules and becomes her bodyguard, while still in disguise of course. Everything goes as planned until they are attacked, and he is forced to train her in the art of deception. One way or another she will get to know the real Carl Cove. Both their lives will depend on it.

Lost In Liberia
Book 3 Mama's Travel Agency Novels
Lost in Liberia Cover

For Tanzy, bad luck follows her wherever she goes. She’s a bit clumsy, horrible with directions and she just lost her job. Perfect solution, create a travel blog and take a trip. Turns out, this is easier said than done, especially when she ends up lost on the wrong side of the world, in the wrong country with the wrong man. She decides to make the best of her predicament by blogging about her adventure, which would be kind of fun if bad guys weren’t chasing her.

Philip “The Fixer” McKenzie, specializes in the field repair of anything the Agency needs fixing. If it’s broken, he’s called in to make it right. A mix-up at the travel agency sends him racing after the ditsiest, cutest, and most confounding woman he has ever met. She blasts into his orderly life like a comet from outer space. His frozen heart is locked away on a shelf, but she might be the one who can thaw him out.

Lost in Liberia was written in collaboration with the Vagabond Series. These are a collection of standalone travel romances, The Vagabond Series will help you escape to far-off and exotic places. You'll enjoy stories from some of my friends and fellow authors including, A.M. Roark, Leigh Adams and Mel Walker to name a few.

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