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New novel from award winning author J.M. Jeffries

The Rhythm of Desire

Former child star Roxanne Deveraux is stepping back into the spotlight. Tired of growing up in front of sitcom cameras, she left Hollywood and her controlling parents to finally follow her true passion, which exists offstage. Still, the offer to appear on Celebrity Dance is hard to resist—as is Nicholas Torres, her dance partner. He's creative, passionate, and they're growing more and more in sync—until family interference throws everything off balance.

Nick has a hunch that Roxanne would prove a smash-hit contestant. But he's taken aback by her beauty, poise and his desire to partner with her off the dance floor. Watching her confidence and skill soar each week is a thrill. But as Roxanne's chaotic past resurfaces and a secret threatens to tear his own family apart, both must weigh old loyalties against the promise of a brilliant future together.


She caught her breath. Nicholas Torres was more handsome in person than on TV. He not only produced the show, but was the lead dancer for Celebrity Dance. Nicholas was tall and lithe, but with a muscular catlike grace as he walked to her and shook her hand. His hand was warm and strong. His skin was a pleasing light cinnamon tone and his eyes were gray-brown flecked with green. He was dressed more casually in dark blue pants, a steel gray shirt at the neck, no jacket or tie. His hair was cut tight to his head and he wore a diamond stud in one ear. She especially liked the fact that he towered over her by several inches—something most men didn’t do.

His handshake was pleasantly firm without being crushing. “I’m pleased to meet you, Miss Deveraux.”

Something about him made her insides go all hot and gooe

y. Roxanne grinned at him. “Please, call me Roxanne,” she said, her voice sounding a little breathy. Hmm…it had been a long time since she had been so immediately taken by a man. She was surprised.

He smiled, revealing straight white teeth.

“I’m Nick. Shall we sit down?” He gestured at a grouping of chairs in a corner surrounding a coffee table with a glass top. A tray with coffee cups and a pot rested on one end. “I understand you started a business doing genealogy.”

Roxanne began, after taking a long, slow breath to calm herself, “It’s still in its infancy stage. Most of my clients have come from the shows I’ve worked on. Genealogy is one of the fastest growing hobbies in America.” She laughed. “Did I just sound like an infomercial?

Nick grinned at her. “You sounded like you’re passionate about genealogy.”

“I am.”

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