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I have often been asked where I get the ideas for my books. The short answer is from the random nature and science article I read. This is how I found out about the Eye of Sahara, the real one in Mauritania, Africa. There is a giant eye out in the Sahara Desert. The article said astronauts can see it from space. So of course, I immediately opened my web browser to Google Earth and searched the location. Sure enough, it was there. You can see the iris, the eyebrow and a portion of the nose looking back at you as you widen the view. There was no doubt that I had to give the Eye of Sahara a prominent place in my story, Fire In Ice! And since it is in the desert, I decided to make it ground zero

LA Festival of Books 2018

Save the date for Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. It will be at the University of Southern California campus on Saturday and Sunday April 22 -23rd, 2018. I will be there and will release the hours and booth number a few weeks before the event.

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