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Book 3 of the Gaiian novels is available now!

Retire physician, Ranae Mills doesn't have long to live and wants to see one place on her list, Mount Kilimanjaro. The trip is going well until a strange man blocks her path and demands she return home. The mountain has other plans for them both and sends them careening over its slopes in an avalanche. Thus begins her journey as the Servant of the Stone, a healer of people she never knew existed, using medicine unlike any she has seen before.


Dr. Musa Jiwé sees her in his dreams. Every night he watches her die and is helpless to stop it. Even worse, people around her get sick and perish. She’s the carrier of a plague and it’s his job to stop its spread. Turning her away was his one chance to stop the future his dreams foretold. He has one chance to convince Kilimanjaro to release Ranae from her destiny but his heart takes them both on another path.


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