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New Mama's Travel Agency Novel

I did a thing and am partnering with Vagabond Series! Read my latest novel, Lost in Liberia, a Mama's Travel Agency story.

She’s on the wrong continent, in the wrong country, with the wrong man… Lost in Liberia…only a true optimist would blog about this misadventure.

For Tanzy, bad luck follows her wherever she goes. She’s a bit clumsy, horrible with directions and she just lost her job. Perfect solution, create a travel blog and take a trip. Turns out, this is easier said than done, especially when she ends up lost on the wrong side of the world, in the wrong country with the wrong man. She decides to make the best of her predicament by blogging about her adventure, which would be kind of fun if bad guys weren’t chasing her.

Philip “The Fixer” McKenzie, specializes in the field repair of anything the Agency needs fixing. If it’s broken, he’s called in to make it right. A mix-up at the travel agency sends him racing after the ditsiest, cutest, and most confounding woman he has ever met. She blasts into his orderly life like a comet from outer space. His frozen heart is locked away on a shelf, but she might be the one who can thaw him out.


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