Book 2 in the Gaiian Novels wins prize

Fire In Ice, Book 2 in the Gaiian Novels wins 2nd place in the Valley Of The Sun Hot Prospects Contest! Fire In Ice is currently in its final round of editing. It will be available for purchase In February 2017.

Psyche Unbound Zenobia Neil's debut novel

Blurb: The celebrated beauty of Roman princess Psyche has enraged Venus, the Goddess of Love. As punishment, Psyche is left naked on the beach to be sacrificed to a monster. When Cupid, the God of Love, swoops her up and flies her to the monster’s palace, Psyche mistakenly wraps her legs around his waist, looks into his eyes, and falls in love. Blindfolded and tied to a bed, Psyche awaits the monster, vowing to be brave as she faces death. Yet when the monster arrives, he marries her on the condition she never see his face. As she grows to love her shadow husband, she can’t stop thinking about the God of Love. Consumed by curiosity, Psyche breaks her promise by lighting a lamp. Awaking in a

Happy Holidays and Welcome to my Blog!

My biggest challenge is finding the time to market my work and promote my fellow writers. One of my goals was to create a blog. Well here it is. (Eventually, I will come up with a sassy name for this space!) I decided to start with my newly designed banner for my first book. Daughter Of The Missing.

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