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I have often been asked where I get the ideas for my books. The short answer is from the random nature and science article I read. This is how I found out about the Eye of Sahara, the real one in Mauritania, Africa. There is a giant eye out in the Sahara Desert. The article said astronauts can see it from space. So of course, I immediately opened my web browser to Google Earth and searched the location. Sure enough, it was there. You can see the iris, the eyebrow and a portion of the nose looking back at you as you widen the view. There was no doubt that I had to give the Eye of Sahara a prominent place in my story, Fire In Ice! And since it is in the desert, I decided to make it ground zero for the desertification of the Sahara. This is just an example of how I take odd pieces of information and weave them in to my stories.

Fire in Ice is available for sale. Enjoy the read!

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