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SPICE ISLAND has just been released. Here is a quick book blurb!

Hot sultry nights mixed with UNBOUND passion

… Have you had your spice today?

When Dr. Angela Jones agrees to take a vacation to Tanzania, she never expected to be kidnapped. Even more surprising, she’s ransomed by a handsome Sultan. When she tries to escape, she lands in the middle of an intrigued laden plot to destroy him. Before long, she is running for her life through a jungle, swinging through trees, and flying in a vintage aircraft. But the Sultan has a secret deep in the heart of Spice Island that she must unravel before its too late.

Amir Bin Abdul Bin Sultan is a spice merchant by day, smuggler and thief by night. Reluctantly, he agrees to an arrange marriage with the daughter of a powerful East African Chief. When his bride is kidnaped a few days before the wedding, he is honor bound to pay the ransom. But, after ransoming the wrong woman, he ends up on the run through the jungles of his spice plantation. Most men’s secrets can destroy lives, but Amir’s can kill. Now he’s racing to get Angela off Spice Island, no easy task when he may be falling in love with her.

“He moved so his lips were even with mine.

I was sweating like a sinner in church.

And. This. Man. Was. Sin.

…Sex, sin and all the sweet memories that would come with it.”

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