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Happy Holidays!

This year has truly been a blessing and I have my friends and family to thank. I could not have done it without you! I would like to give a special thank you to my cousin Kym E. Whitley who allowed me to tag along to the Tom Joyner Family Reunion in Orlando this year. That was a special treat. And a big shout out to everyone who stopped by my signings and all the folks who left reviews on Amazon. My journey this year was made all the more special by seeing your faces at my events. FYI, I have signed up for more engagements next year with new books in my series and I will post them in upcoming newsletters!

Becoming by Michelle Obama (Just started this book!)

Dragon Lore and Love by N.D. Jones

Dark Sentinel by Christine Feehan

His to Claim by Stephanie Morris

Sleeping Dragons by Ophelia Bell

Wickedly in Love: Naughty Fairy Tales by Godiva Glenn

Against the Wall By Dee J. Adams

What the Heart Knows By Mara Purl

The Black God’s Drums by P. DjeliClark

Butterfly Arising by Landis Lain

The Jinni’s Last Wish by Zenobia Neal

Hard Trigger by S.L. Hannah

RockStarSecrets by Ja’NesaDixon

Children of Blood and Bone by TomiAdeyemi

Cowboy Resurrection by Mia Hopkins

Lady and The Don by Sherri Leigh James

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